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Brand Theory
Design Concept
Product Design Concept
The design concept of Lasody products is based on the “Legend of Life”. We aim to create products which celebrate the special occasions at various stages of life, leaving us a pocketful of fond memories.
Creativity of Lasody
Lasody products are created from the interaction of 5 core values:
1.Ideas from Real Life
We grasp ideas from real living experience to satisfy the needs of real people. We believe that everyone feels and dreams in his own way and has his unique art of living. All the magic moments are captured and refined into exquisite products that express the joy of heart.
2.Creative Design
The Lasody design team is strong in creativity and aesthetic application. Our products are categorized into 8 themes to provide gift ideas for various occasions and milestones in life. They are: Baby, Friends, Lifestyle, Love, Wedding, Home, Anniversary and Perfect Gift. Designs inspired by seasonal and festive celebrations are also available from time to time to give you additional surprises.
3.Superb Craftsmanship
Like traditional craftsmen, Lasody adopts the most uncompromising procedure and the finest techniques to make each and every product. All items are the result of painstaking labor that worth keeping and cherishing for generations.
4.Stringent Procedures
All Lasody products go through a rigorous production cycle. From molding, electroplating, burnishing, assembling, coating to polishing, the entire cycle takes a long time and ample energy from experienced craftsmen, who focused on their work patiently to ensure the quality of our products reaches the highest standard.
5.A Perfect Gift
It is not just products that Lasody made, but a token of thanks to life itself. Our product is a word of blessing, a precious memory, a medium of communication, a warm greeting, and an amazing pamper to yourself.

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