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Brand Theory
Design Concept
Life, is like a tree.
Naked we came from our mother’s womb, in the vein of a seed we landed on earth;
then we saw its sprout, we watered it with all we know about life.
Being born, growing up, making friends, falling in love,raising families…
it goes on and on; Intertwined with laughter and tears,
the sprout grew into a luxuriant tree,blooming, and bearing fruits.
We are pleased and contended, giving thanks to the one who sent us here.
Everyone has his own tree of life.
Everyone is a legend, behind it a vast reservoir of love and passion contained.
Lasody is a legend of life.
Open the door to the magical legend,
seek your version of the love and passion in reserve.
Lasody is a precious gift of life.
Life is full of happiness and fond memories. It holds in store the vigor,
the nutrient, the impetus for us to move forward. It reminds us to live
every day to its fullest while setting the momentum for the future,
so that our tree of life will flourish, from one generation to another,
in a circle that never ends.

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